Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Marriage Gap--Separate and Unequal Families

This article on the "marriage gap" by Kay S. Hymowitz is a must-read. In fact, I recommend reading it, bookmarking the site, and reading it again later.

I only wish more people--especially parents and church leaders--would talk about the economic and social benefits of marriage to young people. Maybe if young women who are buying into the "I don't need a husband and children don't need fathers" line were confronted with the fact that not being married to their children's father greatly increases the chance their children will be poor--with all the disadvantages that entails--they will rethink their position. Just saying, "Don't do it!", probably won't help (although it's better than nothing), but encouraging them to think reasonably about the future before acting might, because every woman, however young, wants her children (already here or potential) to have a good life.

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