Thursday, February 01, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Noone has tagged me with this meme, but here they are anyway:

# I take pride--not much, but some--in the fact I've never let my household run out of toilet paper. (I grew up in a household where the lady of the house often let us run out of staples, including toilet paper.)

# As a child, riding past fields on Christmas Day, it seemed sad to me that the cows didn't know it was a special day.

# My earliest verifiable memory took place on the Halloween a few days before my first birthday. (I have a non-verifiable memory that would have had to take place months beforehand.)

# I will spend longer dithering over whether to spend two dollars on a non-necessity than my husband does over spending two hundred dollars on a non-necessity.

# Because humans need analogies and metaphors and because I am who I am, I tend to think of God as the Great Novelist.

# I'm a fan of refrigerator stew. (Definition below, for the uninitiated.)

And that's my six things. Anyone who reads this is encouraged to post theirs on their blog or in the comment box.

Refrigerator stew is a soup made in the following way: Keep a container in the freezer and every time you have a too-small-to-save amount of leftover vegetables (non-cruciferous veg only) or legumes you put it in the container. When the container is full or nearly so, dump the contents into a large pot, add broth or vegetable juice and some meat, throw in some herbs for extra flavor, and simmer the whole thing until done. If I have a leftover serving of rice or pasta in the refrigerator, I might add that to the soup pot too. Results are usually good, sometimes very good. Now I think of it, there's no reason you couldn't start with a roux, although I don't.

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