Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mary Frances Sewing and Amazing Dollhouses

A couple of years ago I reviewed The Mary Frances Sewing Book. I've just recently found a site that shows the whole Mary Frances wardrobe sewn up. This person--I'll play the odds and assume it's a woman--did a great job. If I'm partial to anything it is the little red rain cape, but all the garments are lovely. It almost motivates me to make up the wardrobe. First I'd want to make an appropriate doll, though, and as there are more reasons not to bother than to bother, it begins to seem like too much effort. Although this Mary Marie doll shown made up by a talented young lady on her blog is cute enough to tempt even the lazy, I'm going to resist. (Lacis and some other sites, including this one, sell two different doll patterns designed for the Mary Frances books; I assume that sewn up one is from the Making Memories pattern, but I don't know for sure.)

For a different kind of crafting from books, look at these dollhouse photos on the Dollhouse Minis blog. It's the Leaky Cauldron and Hogwarts in dollhouse form. What could be better? Seriously, all I can come up with is adding photos of a dollhouse Burrow as well. That Leaky Cauldron is especially nice looking. I've long known that if I had loads of space for a dollhouse to be on permanent display, I would have a big ole Tudor-style timbered one--it would beat out even the Victorian Monstrosity style I like--but now I've seen dollhouse Hogwartses, maybe I should dream big and go for a castle? ... Eh, maybe not. Dollhouses are all about fantasy, but I might have trouble convincing myself a castle was the warm, cosy haven I'd want my dollhouse world to be.


Anonymous said...

tak payah berniaga le kalu asik dok buruk-burukkan perniagaan org lain kerana suatu hari nanti pn akan dibalas oleh allah s.w.t, berniaga lah dengan ihlas secara perniagaan islam kalu pn seorg islam...kalu x ...tak payah berniaga la...

Jordan "Gnuhaus" said...

Ok, so I know this post is old, but I thought i'd comment anyway.

First of all, thanks for linking to the doll I made :) your comments made my day! It is indeed made from the making memories pattern.

I found your blog by googling the Mary Frances sewing book.