Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Day America Died

I hope to God it's not. I have been proud and grateful to be an American ever since I was a child, but tonight America's elected representatives have chosen to deal us what may be a fatal blow by laying the groundwork for a massive power grab. Govermentalized medicine will be enormously expensive, not only in tax dollars, but in personal freedom and eventually in the degrading effect it will have on the character of our people. As the title of this Mark Steyn post from earlier today says, Happy Dependence Day. I hope to God we can turn this around, even partially, but I'm not optimistic. We've been gut-shot. This is the beginning of the long decline. (Barring immediate and forceful and clever and sustained action on the part of a whole lot of Americans.)

I now fully expect to end my life in an America that is poorer and less powerful and less free than the one I was born into.


Judybug said...

Dear Auntie Suzanne - believe me, I share your concerns. I already feel degraded. Just think - at some point in my life, decisions about what medical procedures I will be allowed to have may very well be decided by a panel of bureaucrats who have never met me. The very thought makes me cringe! But my faith in God keeps me from descending into morbid depression. Thanks be to Christ.

Judy in Louisiana

Suzanne said...

Yes, this was a very big reminder to us to not put our faith in things of men, but in God. Much as I have loved America, nations are things of men. Republics are lost, empires fall, God endures.

Taking an historical view, I told myself a few times that America's eventual fading was probably inevitable. Somehow, though, until this weekend I hadn't thought I would have to see it in my lifetime. Everything we've seen in recent years--increasing decadence, a softening of our people, and dampers on ingenuity, personal initiative, and innovation--all seemed overcomable, but this hit me hard. For me, this was like a lesser version of the loss of naivete that I had on 9/11. Before 9/11, I had always known it was theoretically possible for America to be attacked on her own soil, yet as a matter of how I really lived and thought day-to-day, I assumed we were inviolable. I was wrong. And now I fear my assumption that I would live out my life in a strong and proud America may prove wrong.

As an American and a lover of liberty, this is upsetting to me. As a Christian, I remember that we never had any assurances that America would always be around, only that God will always be there and that the forces of Light, Truth, and Goodness will ultimately win over the forces of darkness. As you say, thanks be to Christ.