Monday, January 03, 2005

"It Can Move People To Tears"

This doctor seems to be where I was on the subject of abortion, up until maybe three years ago.

"...I appreciate that life starts early in the womb, but also believe that
I'm ending it for good reasons. Often I'm saving the woman, or I'm improving the
lives of the other children in the family. I also believe that women have a life
they have to consider. If a woman is working full-time, has one child already,
and is barely getting by, having another child that would financially push her
to go on public assistance is going to lessen the quality of her life. And it's
also an issue for the child, if it would not have had a good life. Life's hard
enough when you're wanted and everything's prepared for. So yes, I end life, but
even when it's hard, it's for a good reason."

I think she's being disingenuous in her last line, though: "How could people think it's wrong?" Once you accept that life begins at (or close to) conception, even if you still think it is okay to end it, you know why some people think it's wrong.

I can't help but wonder if this doctor isn't going to become more uncomfortable with this, because she already sounds ambivalent. She says providing abortions can be hard and can move you to tears and that she finds it's a good day when a woman changes her mind and leaves without the abortion.

(I got the link to this article from the Corner.)

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