Friday, January 14, 2005

More Liberal Tolerance? Or Are They Just Jackasses?

A Florida college bans a Christian student group from showing The Passion of the Christ; they claim it is because the film is rated R (aren't most college students old enough to see R-rated films?), although in the past they have allowed a live performance called “F**king for Jesus” that "involved a character simulating sex with and masturbating to an image of Jesus." After the group complained to the college president, the leaders were pulled from class and administrators demanded they apologize in writing.

Presumably due to the negative attention these actions led to, the college has since moved against the No Shame Theatre that showed "F**cking for Jesus" ("the name of the play has been changed on the IRCC chapter’s webpage and the link to the script has been removed, although the script remains accessible elsewhere on the project’s website") and has decreed that from now on faculty advisers must attend all student group meetings.

If you visit the college's website>, you will find that their slogan is--wait for it--"Where Students Come First".

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