Monday, March 14, 2005

Catholics and Science Fiction

Ignatius Insight has a great interview with Sandra Miesel, on "Catholics and Science Fiction." There's two parts.

I already knew Miesel from seeing Catholic-related articles of hers online, and I liked what I'd read. Also I think she was the author of an article about contemporary neo-paganism that I found to be the best--and that includes fairest and most accurate--article on the subject I've ever read. (As a former neo-pagan, I remain irritated by people who get it wrong.) If I'm remembering correctly, her involvement with fandom goes a long way toward explaining why an article by a Catholic in a Catholic or generalized Christian magazine (I forget where I read it) is better than any I've read elsewhere; there is a lot of overlap between sf/f fandom and the neo-pagan subculture. Anyway, the interview, as well as any Catholic articles by her, are worth reading. And now I know she writes a little fiction, I'd be up for trying that too.

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