Friday, April 29, 2005

Quote of a Couple of Days Ago

I meant to post this a couple of days ago and didn't get around to it. Michelle Arnold posting at JimmyAkin.Org linked to this article
Which isn't a great piece but has a great reminder in it:

"American Catholics are the most spoiled Catholics on the planet. A Catholic in
Baghdad just hopes that his church won't be bombed this Sunday; Sudanese
Catholics hope that they can face another day without brutal, unspeakable
religious persecution. In many of the dioceses of the world, a roof on the
church or running water would be nice. And we, in all of our prosperity, want
more ease. We can go to church when we like, say what we like, do what we like.
We want, if it's even possible in this world, an easier life, a life less
uncomfortable... "

Catholics are persecuted by Communists in China, harassed by Buddhists in Sri Lanka, and discriminated against by Muslims in every Muslim country I know of. Kind of makes the inconvenience of going without meat on Fridays during Lent look like small potatoes, doesn't it?

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