Friday, April 29, 2005

Two Movie Recommendations

I saw two good movies this week, one at the theatre and one on DVD.

Kung Fu Hustle. This is still at the theatre. One of the blurbs on the movie poster says it's like nothing you've ever seen before. I wouldn't say that. I think if you liked Shaolin Soccer, you'll like this. (Shaolin Soccer is the better movie. At least the original version was; I haven't seen the American version, which I've heard was noticeably inferior.) I'd pay more attention to the blurb that suggests Kung Fu Hustle is like a Jackie Chan movie with Buster Keaton and Monty Python. That's true enough, I guess.

There is one action in the movie--someone running away and hiding--that doesn't make sense when we find out something important about that character later. I could also have done without the faux-snot on the little boy at the end of the film. Small stuff. This is a funny movie with enjoyable fight scenes.

Secondhand Lions. This is out on DVD. A lot of people who wouldn't like Kung Fu Hustle might like this. It is a good, clean film, suitable for the whole family. Not only suitable, but recommended.

It is about a boy of about thirteen whose irresponsible mother dumps him on his eccentric great-uncles for the summer. It turns out to be a blessing. The uncles are delightful old men who, to throw some psycho-babble on it, become the first positive male role models this boy has ever had. Another way of saying it is that they help him start on the path to manhood. Along the way, they are pretty funny.

Uncle Pookie called this movie subversive. And it is. In the best way possible.

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