Monday, May 16, 2005

Misc. Tidbits

Is This Parish Faithful?
Father Shane Tharp at Catholic Ragemonkey posts a list of 23 ways to identify a faithful Catholic parish. Seems a good list to me.

The Meaning of Their Motherhood
WSJ has an interesting article about unmarried and poor mothers--or, more specifically, about a book called Promises I Can Keep, which is about poor, unmarried women. What having unmarried parents does to a child's well-being needs to be talked about far more than it is, but I've seen articles that discuss it more fully than this one. What is most interesting to me here is the discussion of why unmarried women of lower economic status have children out of wedlock.

"Far more than their middle-class counterparts, low-income women
are likely to see abortion as wrong and childlessness as a tragedy. It's not a
fabulous career or sexual and romantic adventure that endows life with purpose;
it's having a baby."

That's expanded on in the article, but basically, the idea is that poor, unmarried women have children because they want children. That's hard to fault, however much I believe that making children outside of wedlock is a terrible idea or dislike taxpayers being expected to support this behavior. The article is worth reading because it suggests reasons other than a welfare check for poor women find having babies good, but marriage less so.

Quote of the Day
From an interview with Michael Novak

"In a world of nihilism, or even relativism, comfort and
convenience are as significant as liberty. To most people, they may be even more
attractive. In Europe, it seems as if they are."

Who's Really to Blame
However dishonest and prejudiced the MSM are in always assuming the worst of the United States and its military, Andrew C. McCarthy is correct in laying blame for the Newsweek riots on militant Islam.

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