Friday, June 03, 2005

More Evidence I'm Male

The Guardian has tests to tell you whether your brain is male or female--actually, whether it tends toward empathising or systemising.,12983,937443,00.html

I took them, and, according to them, either I'm male or low-level autistic. I scored a 32 (below normal) on the empathising and a 43 (above average) on the systemising; I think I'd have scored higher on the empathising if they'd distinguished more between knowing what other people are thinking and feeling and caring, especially caring enough to let it affect your actions. Ah well, God's garden has room even for the five-petalled clovers and slightly wonky daisies, right?

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atheling2 said...

I'm so average it's pathetic. I scored 47 on the empathy thing which is precisely the female average. I scored 24 on the organizational test, which is exactly the female average... sigh... just another member of the crowd...