Thursday, June 09, 2005

Why Am I Thinking of Chesterton's The Flying Inn?

Michelle Malkin links to a video of a few Islamists demonstrating in NYC:
Ignore the flag-stomping and tearing. I've seen worse from American anti-war demonstrators. No, what's interesting here is not the video, but the audio.

Listen to the whole thing. In addition to the expected stuff about Islam dominating the whole world, these guys urge other Muslims not to be afraid, because this country is not like "back home", where protesting the government gets you taken in for turture. No, one of the "loopholes" of the US government, they say, is that it allows freedom of expression, so they have the right to verbally abuse the US and to stomp on its flag in the street.

Interesting. I mean, interesting even aside from the tacit acknowledgement that many, if not all, Muslim countries are oppressive. It's interesting because it shows that Islamists in progressive Western countries know they can use Western freedom against the West. They can use our freedom of expression laws to call for our destruction, and we will stand by, passively and politely listening, because to attempt to stop them or even to argue against them would be to judge them (the greatest of all sins), not to mention being a failure to celebrate their diversity--probably "hate speech" too.

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