Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Homespun Scarf On the Knifty Knitter

I've made three of these scarves--the two pictured for me and one for my sister. They take longer to make than a straight knitted (on the KK loom) scarf would, but they lie flat without blocking and the technique, though simple, really shows off the wavy texture of the Homespun yarn. The colors I used are Edwardian and Ranch.

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They are really simple, but as there aren't many Knifty Knitter patterns out there, I thought some people might be interested.

What you'll need:

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn (or similar), in your preferred color; at least half a skein.

The blue Knifty Knitter loom.

And, obviously, a yarn needle and scissors.


Basically, what you're going to do is knit one row and purl the next.

1.) Leaving a tail of about six inches, anchor your yarn.

2.) Do an e-wrap on the first fourteen (14) pegs. At the fourteenth peg circle back again and go back, e-wrapping the pegs the other way. Each peg is now wrapped twice. Anchor your yarn. Take your Knifty Knitter tool or other hook and, starting at the fourteenth peg, knit over--i.e. lift the bottom yarn over the top.

3.) When you get back to the first peg, take your yarn and hold it in front of the pegs. Using your hook, reach under the loop that is on the first peg, take up the loose yarn lying beneath it, and pull upward so you have a new loop. Use your fingers to lift the old loop off the peg and replace it with the new loop. Gently pull on the end of the yarn, to take up some of the slack. (If this is hard to visualize, you can watch a short video of it at Decor Accents.) Repeat process with each peg until you get to the fourteenth peg.

4.) Wrap the last peg and wrap back over previous pegs as before. Knit over.

5.) Repeat steps 3 & 4 until scarf is desired length. (Mine are about 5 feet.)

6.) Remove the scarf from the loom. I did this by slipping the last--the 14th--loop onto a crochet hook, making one chain stitch from the loose yarn, then making the next chain by slipping the next loop of its peg, and continuing alternating like that until all the loops are off the pegs. Decor Accents has pictures of this method.

7.) Leaving a tail of about six inches, cut your yarn. Thread the yarn into your needle and weave in ends. Do the same for the tail left at the beginning of your scarf.

Like I said, simple. You can do it while watching DVDs, provided you don't have to read subtitles.


Anonymous said...

Are you using the long blue loom or the round blue loom

Suzanne said...

The round blue one.