Thursday, December 22, 2005

Misc. Mini-reviews

Coca-cola Zero. I recently tried this. Verdict: Much better than Diet Coke, but not necessarily better than Diet Coke with Lime.

Diet Rite Pure Zero cola. This is another new diet drink. It doesn't taste any better than the old Diet Rite, which is my favorite diet cola, in spite of its lack of caffeine. Bonus, the Diet Rite colas are sweetened with Splenda instead of aspartame. (If Splenda is killing us or taking our short term memory, we don't know about it yet. Or we've forgotten it.)

Air-adjust bed. Uncle Pookie just replaced our bed with one of those air-adjust bed sets--memory foam plus a layer of air, and you can adjust each side of the bed to a different firmness. It's surprisingly nice. Especially considering the price, which is less than a regular mattress and box springs.

The Rosary Shop. I just ordered some things from the Rosary Shop site, and I'm a happy customer. I received prompt emails confirming my order and its shipment, my order arrived well before I expected it, and everything I ordered was there. Moreover, they threw in a few extra supplies on the custom kit I ordered, and the instructions were very clear.

Joann's.Com. I ordered something from Joann's a week before I ordered from the Rosary Shop. I received an email saying they were going to process my order and that's the last I heard from them. I have yet to receive my order, which is now late, even allowing for the maximum probable shipping time they suggested. Fortunately, this wasn't a Christmas gift, so I can wait, but whereas I won't hesitate to order from the Rosary Shop again, I won't order from Joann's something I can get elsewhere.

The Christmas NRO. Good stuff. Lots of Christmas things. Because it's Christmas I forgive Amy Welborn for her piece, saying some things I wanted to say about Christmas....Eh, maybe I'll just say them anyway. Some things bear repeating.

Update/correction January 2006: The reason the Diet Rite cola I mentioned above doesn't taste any better than regular Diet Rite cola is that it IS regular Diet Rite cola. The Pure Zero thing, which I'd thought designated a second cola product, is now added to the labels of all the Diet Rite drinks. Diet Rite seems to be making a marketing push, improving all their labels and putting out refrigerator packs.


B G said...

hello suzanne - diet dr pepper aint that bad...for diet. but i think its better not to drink diet. stay beautiful and god bless - bg

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I can remember drinking that occasionally as a teenager. And you're probably right about not drinking the diet drinks. It's kind of weird to pay money for something that provides no calories (thus no energy) and no nutrition, and doesn't quench your thirst as well as water.

I mostly drink unsweetened tea, which I guess also has the no calories, no nutrition thing going, but at least has the weight of tradition in its favor. And antioxidants.

Dymphna said...

We bought a mattress with the foam for our guest bed. It sleeps great but my mother spent the night itching becuase she has a latex allergy. Sigh.......

Suzanne said...

I didn't realize they were bad for people with latex allergies.