Wednesday, February 23, 2005

For Your Listening Pleasure and Edification

Being one of those multi-tasking female types, I like to listen to things while I'm on the computer. Often it's something from EWTN's audio resource pages (some people deride low-budget religious programming as "talking heads shows", but the good thing about talking heads shows is that an audio file of them doesn't leave anything out); sometimes it's music; and now it may be a public television lecture from WGBH in Boston. I only found their site a few days ago and have already listened to writers talking about P. G. Wodehouse, Emily Dickinson, and C. S. Lewis as well as a couple of other talks. So far I've only looked at the poetry and literature section but I'm optimistic about the contents of the other sections. One caveat: sound quality. I found one lecture with a bit of an echo--not too annoying--and one lecture that was barely listenable.

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