Friday, February 25, 2005

"Why Pregnant Women Are Targeted", a story at ABC's site, ends with some advice :

But some experts say there is something women can do to protect themselves
from male assailants during pregnancy: At the very start, they should be wary of
the men they become intimate with. Controlling behavior should be seen as a
warning sign.

"Be careful about who you decide you're going to have children with. Be
careful about the person you decide to make long-term decisions with," Brown
[Pat Brown, the head of a criminal profiling agency] said. "Sometimes we, as
women, don't make the best decisions about the people we decide to have a child
with or rush into a relationship too quickly and get pregnant too quickly."

Finally someone has said it in public! Be careful who you get involved with. Don't fuck just anybody. Sex can have bad consequences as well as good. Think it over. If you have gotten involved with someone you shouldn't, break it off before there's a pregnancy.

I know there is a lot of other things I could comment on in that article--a lot of sad things about the way we think about pregnant women and babies in our society, the rise of selfishness, etc.--but I think this is important. Someone dared to suggest in public that maybe we shouldn't have sex with or marry just anybody who catches our fancy. This is radical thinking nowadays.

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