Friday, December 17, 2004

Feel My Squirrelly Wrath, You PC Grinches

Why did I not know of the existence of Foamy before today?! (Actually I've seen his face used as an avatar, but I didn't know who it was.) The current toon, "No Christmas For You", is the best, but do check out the archives. (WARNING: Not work-safe or children-in-the-room-safe.) I did and at first I was enjoying listening to Foamy's rants because his squirrelly mind is so much like mine, but then he went too deep into his (my) dark little mind and started to scare me. Didn't stop listening though, I'm not a panty-waist. Well, okay, I guess I am, but then I'm a GIRL, so it's okay.

I learned of Foamy on a blog by an interesting-sounding woman, the Lizard Queen. I hope she gets something nice in her stocking this year.

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