Saturday, December 18, 2004

Home Alone America

A new book that talks about the state of children in today's America is called Home Alone America. I've not read it yet (I'll probably wait until it turns up at the public library), but ever since I read what Stanley Kurtz had to say about it, I've wanted to. Kurtz says Eberstadt completely reframes the child care debate, taking it away from adult's concerns and putting the focus on children.

The author was also interviewed by NRO and that interview is up this weekend. However, I recommend listening to the World Over interview instead.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to plug the audio resources at EWTN. (You can see how to get to them in the address above.) You can listen to past programs in either RealPlayer or Windows Media. There's fascinating conversion stories on the Journey Home program, as well as programs discussing history and theology and contemporary issues. (Just as a sidenote, it's funny how contemporary issues usually are or relate to timeless issues, once you peel back the contemporary coating.)

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