Thursday, December 09, 2004

Name & Theme Song

The name of this blog is an homage to two things: Orson Scott Card's "Uncle Orson Reviews Everything" columns and the Auntie Mame movie with Rosalind Russell. The former is both entertaining and useful; I've come to trust Card's judgement on books implicitly, and though I can't say the same about his judgement of movies--the man likes Adam Sandler movies!--his reviews, like the books he recommends, are always worth reading. As for the latter, I saw it on late-night TV when I was ten or eleven, and I loved it. It spoke to my inner drag queen and is just generally a fun movie.

As for my blog's theme song, it may be Carla Ulbrich's "Nothing to Say". Then again, something from Leslie Fish would be nice. "Lock and Load" would be great, but that would be flattering myself. "Bitch Song"--the title of it, that is--is probably a more accurate description of what this blog will contain.


Grant said...

Are you an actual Auntie?

Suzanne said...

Nah, I just like the name.